About Us

We are the Fenimore family – Scott and Lindsey, our four kids, Chief, Hoss, Bunny, and Pickles (nicknames, of course, because we’re not famous enough to name our kids after baby animals and finger food), our golden retriever, Aldo, and our rescued street mutt Teddy. After years of dreaming and months of planning, we sold all our stuff, left our friendly suburban American town, and moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in August 2017.

We had all kinds of expectations and fears about how this move and adjustment might go. We planned to stay one year with an option for a second if it was going well. Here we are, closing in on year two with no plans to leave. Why? Our kids are thriving – they love their schools, their friends, their freedom, and are learning Spanish. We have great friends who have time to socialize and share many of our values. San Miguel has beautiful weather year-round, the pace of life is perfectly slow, and walking around the city is an exercise in sensory stimulation that never grows old. There is a kindness and warmth to even the most basic interactions in Mexico that makes daily life much more pleasant. In short, we love it here.

Life is not perfect, but it’s fun and interesting and just right for us.


Lindsey. I’m a freelance writer and yoga enthusiast, which means I can hold a pretty steady shoulder stand for about 90 seconds, depending on how fast I count. I enjoy exploring the city, eating food I didn’t cook, writing, socializing, and watching comedies (mostly movies I’ve seen 100 times and SNL clips). I’m also a diligent napper for about 45 minutes most afternoons. I love hanging out with my kids, trying to make them laugh, and feeling like a superstar when I do. I play soccer poorly, but do it anyway, listen to a lot of music, and don’t plan much anymore. I escaped the American grind and love never really knowing what’s next – this life is my jam.


Scott. He resigned from a 15-year career in government relations and public affairs with the U.S. Forest Service to embark on this journey. Embracing entrepreneurship, Scott owns his own renewable energy consultancy (https://greenpioneerstrategy.com) and also teaches English online in the early morning hours. He is diplomatic, gregarious, good with people AND computers, and thankfully doesn’t mind handling really boring tasks like paying cable bills in person and waiting around for the gas delivery. He loves a good book, working out, practicing his Spanish by getting the life stories of taxi drivers, playing pickleball and soccer, tossing around a football with the kids, playing his ukelele, and generally not stressing about a lot of things.

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Chief – then and now

Chief. The head honcho. Our oldest, the trailblazer. A charming guy whose wit can entertain crowds, he has more confidence at 14 years old than both his parents combined. He’s fiercely independent and has been plotting his escape since he was six and asked about housing options at college. He loves music (and only takes his earbuds out when completely necessary), writing parody raps, hanging out with his friends, playing soccer, and cooking (although his culinary interest is mostly limited to egg sandwiches and anything he can make in an air fryer).

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Hoss – then and now

Hoss. Numero dos. The deuce. He’s a big-hearted, risk-taking kid who loves making people laugh and generally endears himself to everyone. He loves soccer, video games, airsoft, music, hanging out with his friends, and asking “would you rather?” questions (seriously, he never stops). “Would you rather only drink water for the rest of your life or drink whatever you want but your drink will always have a few drops of pee in it? Dehydrated hobo pee.”

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Bunny – then and now

Bunny. Buns. Muffin stuff. He’s a sweet, happy, and generous kid with loads of energy and an easy-going disposition. He gets along with anyone and everyone, rolls with the punches (figurative and literal), requests daily hugs, and is generally up for anything. He loves video games, playing with the dogs, airsoft, helping in the kitchen, reading, Legos, and his friends. He has impeccable “that’s what she said” timing. His smile and dimples get him out of all kinds of trouble.

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Pickles – then and now

Pickles. Baby girl. When people see her with her three older brothers, they often say “Oh, poor thing! Three older brothers??” Those people are mistaken. Pickles needs no sympathy; she is a force. She is determined and industrious and creative and she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. While on a trip to a hot springs resort in Mexico, Pickles saw an older teenage boy hesitating at the top of the high dive of the pool. Without pausing, she handed me her flip flops, marched straight up the stairs past the young man, and jumped off without stopping. She came up smiling, to whoops and cheers from the crowd watching. She laughs big belly laughs and barrels through life with zeal. She enjoys making things out of cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and food wrappers and other projects that involve digging through the trash, playing with her friends, all variations of How To Train Your Dragon (#1 fan), and being an all-around badass.


Aldo. Just the right combo of gorgeous and…gorgeous. He smells good too. He enjoys breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He also loves a good romp through a field or on a beach, playing with Teddy, cuddling, and making sure his people don’t go somewhere fun without him.


Teddy. Teddy came home on January 18, 2018, quite unexpectedly. I went to pick the kids up from school and there was a box of 4-week old puppies and tiny Teddy was the last one. We kept him warm with microwaved rice-filled socks and fed him puppy formula. He spent nights in the crook of my neck, which is surprising because we have no bond. Teddy is super smart, loves playing with Aldo, finds a way out of our fence at least 2x a week, and therefore, enjoys cheating death. A feral dog at heart, Teddy reluctantly accepts our love and food.